7 Ways to Surprise Your Spouse For Date Night

Whether you’ve been married for one year or twenty, it’s easy to fall into a routine when it comes to date night. Heading to the same movie theater or ordering delivery from the same restaurant become all too common over time. But with a little bit of creativity (and some help from the Delegate app), you can amp up your next date night and experience exciting new activities. Take your usual date night plans up a notch by trying some of the ideas below.

1. Bring your Spouse to a group activity. From citywide scavenger hunts to brew bike tours to escape rooms, there are hundreds of activities that you and your significant other can try together or with a group of friends. Interactive experiences like these can add excitement to your date night while allowing you to try something new.

2. Visit a community event. Many museums and art galleries offer monthly open studio events or mixers with food, drinks, and activities. Pay a visit to a local night festival, a summer concert in the park, or an open mic night. Local outings like these can be found in most newspapers or online enclaves, and of course, Delegate can help find and plan exciting activities happening in your own neighborhood.

3. Enjoy the outdoors together. A picnic in the park, an afternoon hike on your local trail, or a walk on the beach are all fun alternatives to a traditional evening out. Get some fresh air with your partner on your next date night.

4. Host a dinner party. For those couples who enjoy the comforts of home, resist the urge to order take-out and invite friends over for a dinner party instead. As a couple, you can spend some time preparing new dishes together, or you can even decorate and follow a theme for your guests to enjoy.

5. Volunteer as a couple. Doing good for others is a healthy way to enjoy each other’s company while giving back to your community. From walking dogs together at your local animal shelter to serving a meal at your local rescue mission, there is plenty to do for couples who wish to volunteer for causes they support.

6. Try a new workout. Many couples work out separately, but exercising together can serve as an energizing start to your next date night. Together, you can try a boot camp or guided yoga in the park, or visit your local gym for a shared class in cycling, weight training, or pilates.

7. Go window shopping. Even mundane tasks like shopping can be revitalized with a date night twist. Spend some time at an upscale furniture store together to imagine what your dream home could look like, or try on new outfits and accessories at a costume store for a photo opportunity.

No matter which option you choose, date night can be more exciting and bring you and your partner closer together by trying these unique experiences.

August 19, 2019