Frequently asked questions

Who’s responding to my requests? Robots?

No – we promise! We are a technology company with fantastic AI capabilities, but the team you speak with are never robots!

Delegate is powered by (real) humans who (really) care. Our response hours to your requests are:

Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 8:00pm EST
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm EST

Our human response team works to complete your tasks & let you know within 8 business hours (on average). Have an open task during our off hours? Not to worry, our research team works 24/7 in the background to keep your requests in motion.

How does it work?

Just send us a quick text or voice message through the app with the task you would like us to complete. We’ll get started right away. (On average, we complete requests within 8 business hours.)

What do people ask their Chief of Stuff?

From restaurant reservations, to scouring product reviews, to finding the perfect gifts – our users ask it all!

A few examples include:

  • “Need to find something new to do this weekend! Are there any unique food events for 4 in NYC coming up?”
  • “Can you ask the liquor store next to my office if they have my favorite wine in stock?”
  • “I just moved & need to replace my mattress. Can you find a highly reviewed, king size, memory foam with a good warranty plan?”

Looking for more ideas on what to ask? Read more here!


If I need you to book something for me that needs to be paid for up front, how is this handled?

Simple: We will offer you the option to add your personal and work credit cards to the secured Delegate app. Once we have a card on file, every purchase can be completed on your behalf, but not without your written permission.

Is there any task you can’t complete?

Here at Delegate, we have a “can do!” approach, but there are a few things that we can’t complete on our end. More information can be found here.

If you’re looking help with business and personal tasks, check out our other offering, Stuff.

Is it really unlimited?

Yes! We like to keep things simple and transparent. There are no taxes, hidden fees, or per-task charges.

Your monthly membership gives access to send in as many requests as you like throughout the month. On our end, we’re able to work on up to 3 tasks at a given time – so ask your most pressing 3 for us to get through first!

As long as your request does not fall under the “tasks we can’t complete” category, we got you covered.

Is there an annual commitment?

No. You can start and stop using Delegate at any time. You will be charged monthly, on the same calendar date as your sign up.

Is my information secure with Delegate?

Absolutely. We take the privacy & security of your information very seriously. We never share your private or sensitive information with our partners or any third party without your consent.

How do I manage my subscription?

Email us at to make account changes. We always make sure to reply within 24 business hours.