Top 7 Ways To Remove Distractions From Your Environment

Removing Distractions from Your Environment

Every environment comes with its own unique distractions. Most workplaces can be noisy and lack privacy, especially when phone calls and impromptu meetings happening in common spaces. Distractions even trickle into closed-door offices and at home, in the form of unnecessary emails, pings from social media, pressing to-do list items, and more.

No matter what distractions you may be facing, there are many tools and tips you can use to limit and even remove distractions from your environment altogether. Keep reading to learn how to use these strategies in commonly distracting environments.

Create a Distraction Free Office Space

Open offices with cubicles or shared desks are the most common working environment in the United States, but they come with plenty of distractions. Noise from phone calls, conversations at the water cooler, or random stop-ins from your colleagues are all to be expected in office environments. Not to mention, there’s always the chance that your most immediate neighbors may have some noisy habits that cause distraction.

So, when you’re in an office environment that offers little privacy with different noises coming from many areas, how can you work to remove those distractions?

  1. Use materials to help control noise and increase privacy. There are many physical tools on the market to prevent and remove distractions from these types of working environments. Items like noise-cancelling headphones and removable cubicle privacy panels can help you combat distractions and focus on your work.
  2. Improve your working area. Sometimes, distractions are best handled by shifting your focus. Adding a natural light lamp to your desk, hanging warm decorations, or placing a comfortable cushion on your chair can help you enjoy your desk or cubicle more, thus improving your morale and making unavoidable distractions seem less intrusive.
  3. Take advantage of alternative spaces. Many open offices offer private areas for phone calls and meetings, as well as seating areas away from the main desk spaces. When you’re feeling distracted, make sure to take advantage of these alternative areas to ensure you maintain your productivity and can get work done.
  4. Sit near colleagues with similar working styles. If your office space does not assign desks to employees, use this as a strategy for minimizing distraction. Find colleagues with working patterns similar to yours, such as taking their lunch break at the same time or listening to the same music while they work, and make it a habit to sit next to them each day.

Removing Distractions From Other Environments

Outside of work, there are plenty of environments that come with their own distractions – roommates, pets, or children at home can pull you away from your most necessary tasks, and crowded coffee shops or airports can make even the most disciplined people lose their focus.

What can you do to remove distractions in these types of environments?

  1. Find your zen. Mindfulness practices have been on the rise for several years, and it’s been shown that mindfulness can help reduce stress and increase focus. Integrate practicing these techniques into your daily routine to help minimize distractions anywhere you face them.
  2. Seek help from others. Distraction is a common bond between people, and anyone can understand the need to seek outside help when it becomes too much to navigate. Friends, family, virtual assistants, and others can offer support when you need to delegate tasks and focus on more pressing matters in environments filled with distraction. The Delegate app is a great place to look for some help with this!
  3. Identify quiet places in busy areas. At home or when you’re traveling, there are always ways to find a quiet place. Whether it’s a laundry room, a corner of a cafe, or an airport lounge, moving to a quieter area is one of the easiest ways to reduce distractions and carry on with your work.

While it’s not always possible to remove distractions, there are many strategies you can use to minimize them or improve your own space to notice them less. In a world filled with distractions, these are just a few ways in which you can start to avoid them.

August 15, 2019