Top 4 Tips On How To Delegate Tasks Effectively

It can be so easy to get bogged down by our daily to-do list, and for every task you scratch off it can feel like two more appear. We only have so many hours in our day, and while we can’t create more time, we can find ways to make the most of it. One of the most successful ways to get more done in the same amount of time is to delegate; assigning someone else to complete clearly defined tasks. Here are your top 4 tips on how to delegate tasks effectively.

1. Pick Appropriate Tasks

Some tasks are more straightforward to delegate than others. Items that are extremely personal by nature, such as dealing with your doctor might not be the best to delegate since certain laws prevent the sharing of this information. You also might not want to delegate tasks that involve sharing your social security information. These types of things will include a lot of back and forth, and ultimately, you will probably need to take care of it yourself. Don’t pick tasks that are sensitive in nature. Learning how to Delegate the right things will save you a lot of time.

2. Prioritize.

Only you can fully understand the importance of each task on your to-do list and the true value of it getting done. Meaning, you can’t expect the person or service assisting you to take a list of tasks and do them precisely in the order that you would have done them without giving them some direction. To avoid any confusion, always provide tasks in the order that you would like them to be accomplished.

3. Give Instructions.

Just because something might feel like common knowledge does not necessarily mean it’s obvious to everyone. We all know different things. If you clearly define instructions and expectations from the beginning, it will avoid any issues during the process, allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive. Most of all, it will avoid a lot of back and forth.

4. Be Available.

There may be tasks that require you to answer follow up questions. For example, if you want a restaurant reservation at a quiet table on the outside patio, but the patio is closed for renovations – you’ll need to confirm whether you’d like an indoor table at the same restaurant, or a patio table at a different restaurant. If you don’t, the tasks will drag on and not get completed. Try to be available and to facilitate getting the task done as soon as possible. It will still save you time to delegate these tasks even if a little bit of back and forth is involved – but it is generally necessary for you to be available to make quick decisions about your preferences.

July 30, 2019