Types Of Delegation – What Tasks To Delegate and What To Do Yourself

What Can You Delegate?

Learn about the types of delegation and the many tasks that you can delegate.

When you think about what delegating means, you’re probably thinking of a limited scope of examples. People commonly assume that delegating only takes place in the workplace, or that only senior management are allowed to delegate their tasks.

But delegation is an essential skill for everyone to learn, and there are many kinds of delegation that people of all professions, family sizes, and income levels can engage in to help take burdens off their plate. You can even delegate both in your workplace and in your personal life – and sometimes, it’s even more important to delegate your personal tasks!

Professional Delegation

While the most common example of delegation comes from managers assigning tasks to their employees, there are many other ways to delegate in the workplace. Delegation is possible for professionals of all levels through virtual assistants, apps, and even as simply as asking a colleague for help.

Delegation in the workplace is most commonly done to increase focus on higher level priorities. For example, if you’re planning a meeting for your company’s board of directors, you have many small logistical tasks to worry about in addition to the more complicated preparations. Delegating venue reservations and catering orders helps you can focus on the most important needs of the event so you can ensure its success.

Personal Delegation

Delegating personal needs is a less frequently thought-of example of delegation, but personal tasks and chores are often the most significant timesucks of our lives. Did you know that the average person spends nearly an hour a day completing personal tasks at work? Delegating personal tasks is not only beneficial to help get things off your plate, but it helps us be more productive, too.

There are many personal things that can be delegated with the help of a virtual assistant:

  • Suppose you need to purchase a new TV, or laundry machine, or even a pair of sneakers. How much time would you spend scrolling through online reviews, or finding a company that manufactures in America? You can delegate research for new purchases to save yourself time and have a good decision made for you.
  • If you live in a large city, you know there are way too many restaurants to choose from for date night, and there are so many events and mixers happening that you might miss out on something that appeals to you. Delegate the not-so-fun parts of planning a fun evening out.
  • How many times have you forgotten a friend’s birthday, or a co-worker’s anniversary, or even Mother’s Day? As your schedule gets busier, it’s easy to forget recognizing the people you love when they need it. You can delegate gift sending and special messages to make it easier than ever to remind someone that you appreciate them.

As you can see, there are many things you can delegate in both professional and personal settings. The next time you’re faced with a tedious task, think about a way to delegate it to save time and increase your peace of mind.

August 1, 2019